Music, located on the Vizions custom GUI, is where you select what you want to listen to from your purchased or backed up music CD's. The music player supports a countless number of formats and codec's. It is a full-featured music library that makes it easy to organize, find and listen to your favorite music. If and when you backup your music CD's they are saved in an ascending chronological order in their original or compressed form. Once you select the Music menu icon a list of your saved CD's is displayed, and by selecting the CD a list of songs from the chosen CD will be displayed. With your remote scroll down to the song you want to listen to or select the first song on the list and press play or select and music will begin . It will either just play that song or continue to play by scrolling down the list of available songs within the album if you have it set in the menu's to play the next available selection from the CD. The music library also has full support for playlists. A Playlist is a normal text file that lists one or more media files (Audio or Video), and plays them in succession. And another feature is just like the movie selection, you have the ability of the system to automatically download cover art and song information1 through the use of the music library when you add new CD's. All this control is accomplished by using the labeled buttons on your basic or touch screen remotes, the included quick start users guide has a layout of all the buttons as well as the descriptions of what they do. The Music library comes with a virtual keyboard that is invoked when you want to edit or create a playlist. Sometimes it is best to just add the optional Vizions Media Digi-Mini wireless Keyboard if you are going to be setting up playlists and party playlists as well as changing movie information. You also have the capability to stream pre-selected on-line radio stations directly from the internet including fully integrated support for LastFM. The Vizions music experience also includes a number of selectable Visualizations (Graphic patterns that play with music) that add the visual element to your music experience. Or if you are viewing home pictures (see Pictures) you can start up your music or playlist including streaming music and view pictures with family and friends that will add that special music touch to your visual experience.

Listening to great music through an excellent audio system with 7 channel stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 Digital surround while viewing pictures of vacations, family functions, pet pics, camping or wildlife adventures or both, and friend get-aways is what we call a cherished moment.

Wow your family and friends with the Vizions Media expierence.

, you've been WOW'd



1This feature for cover art, song information, as well as streaming music from an outside source requires a wired or wireless connection to the internet.