The VMA-center is the heart of the Vizions media product. With this main control program coupled with the high end all-in-one programmable remotes that we offer, our customers have total control of their Audio and Visual entertainment as well as optional lighting, HVAC, Ceiling fans, etc.. Watch movies, perform backups and listen to a variety of music to include WMA/iTunes/MP3/CCDA. Listen to music with family and friends while watching your latest pictures in a pan and scan format, or watch Home videos that upscale to the your big screen. Storing of your movies and music as well as setting up audio play lists and party modes with visual colorful on-screen kaleidoscopes is simple. With your internet connection using your VMAcontrol you can select on demand content from content providers like CNN, Apple and Net Flix to name a few. Also receive up to the minute RSS news feeds, Stock tickers, and current weather forecasts in real time. Complete total control over your entire media experience using your VMR-center command console remote control. Expand your audio and visual home experience and watch movies in one or more rooms while listening to music in another location within your home with an added VMR or VMA remote station.

Listen to sound reproduction in either Stereo, DTS, DD, 5.1 and 7.1 using HDMI, Optical or Coaxial connections. Watch your Pictures from your vacations, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. in a Pan/Scan slideshow format while listen to your favorite music collection. Send the children to another room that has a VMR/A-station to watch a movie or listen to their favorite music. The VMA-center also allows you to control content, by using the incldued library mode you can setup movies stored on the systems by genre, ratings, children, adult and general that are also password protected. With the VMA-center you can even control your HVAC, lighting, zones for speakers and security to include security camera's local and remote. Call or visit one of your favorite system integrators for a live presentation.