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The VMAstation provides the same functionality as the VMRstation rack mount unit but in an Art Deco style look. The VMAstation comes standard with a basic remote, full compliment of cables, and external power supply. Optionally, you can order any or all of the items listed on the left side bar to include an integrated slot fed DVD/CD AUdio player, 500 GB, 1 TB or 1.5 TB of local storeage, upgraded remotes, etc.. The unit connects to the main VMCcenter via RG6 wired ethernet at 100/1000 Mbps or as an otpion 802.11N wireless.

You can place this unit in any room or cabin (Boat/Airplane) and with the basic remote you can access all Movies, Pictures, Music, weather and any stored content on the VMCCenter main unit. You can have up to 50+ VMAstations running at the same time accessing the main unit. Your family and friends will be able to watch or listen to their choice of stored media within any of the rooms that the device is located. It has the same connections as the main unit, HDMI, DVI, Component, RGB for Video. HDMI, Coxial, Optical or RCA jacks for your Audio listening pleasure.