All about Vizions Media

Vizions was unoffically started back in 2006 in the CEO's Home Theatre. It started out with a ceiling hung projector and an electric screen with various DVD players, Stereo, VCR's, Tape players, Reel to Reel's and a turn table. He had a large variety of remotes which put him on shakey footings with his spousal unit. In addition, when his wife with her friends or family wanted to watch a movie, look at recent photo's of the family or vacation, view a home video of a Keys trip or a New Orleans Mardis Gras and listen to music. She would become frustrated with the process and eventually would place a call to him at work or play to go through the lengthly procedures with various remotes and devices to enjoy some Movies and/or media content with family and friends. It was highly frustrating for both, so he started to dabble with ways to make life longer and much easier for both. Throughout the last 34 months he developed the Vizions Media center experience. Life is now back to normal at home for him family, and everyone has been Wow'd by their new Vizions experience. All of his friends and family now have peace in their lives also, since they now own one of their own VMCcenter's. This was the beginning of our company, and we would like to extend our welcome to you on your new purchase as well as invite you to the incredible Vizions Media experience. We have much more to come so you can have that continued WOW experience, sit back and enjoy!