Support from Vizions Media on our Digi-X product line comes directly from the Professional A/V company that sold and installed the Vizions Media products. Because of the features as well as upcoming releases, it is your best interest to call your local installer from any inquiries in regards to your specific issues. We work closely with our professional reseller network and handle all support requests directly with them to provide you with the best customer service right on down to the personal level. It is rare for us to become involved with a field issue, but we do follow any open tickets that are provided us from the field. If for some reason you are still having problems with a specific product or feature and your not receiving the proper support than please call us between the hours of 8-5 Monday - Friday and we will escalate per our escalation procedures should they be required. For all additional inquires, contact either your local professional A/V company or or contact us through our contact page. Prior to escalating any issues we do ask you to verify that the problem encountered is with the Vizions line of Digi products and that you have the failing system code, serial number and sales receipt or date of purchase. With this information we will be able to resolve your problem in a short period of time since our network of dealers are required to open a ticket for specific problems on our systems. In addition it helps eliminate a high volume of calls that are related to AVR's, Screens, Remotes, etc. that are not our products or supported brands. Please verify with the company you purchased and installed the product from that the problem your experiencing is associated with our product lines. You should feel comfortable in that we strive to provide you with the best warranty and on-site repair within the industry.



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